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Kiteboarding Lessons on O‘ahu

Experience the thrill of a lifetime, harnessing the power of the wind! Kiteboarding is an exciting and fast-growing sport that is safe to practice with proper instruction – and O‘ahu, Hawai‘i is the perfect place to learn. Our lessons include use of all of the equipment needed: kite, bar, board, helmet, vest, harness, and leash. To enhance your learning experience, we teach with top-of-the-line radio helmets! Lessons are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders.


Lesson methodology developed according to standards set by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO)

Both beginners and more experienced riders alike will benefit from our individualized lessons, customized to your skill level

We have trained and competed all around the globe, so trust you’re in the best hands

Instructors can also validate your kiteboarding level as you advance through the IKO skill levels

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Activity Details

Important Info


1 to 1 Private Instruction:
1.5 hours – $175
3 hours – $300
6 hours – $550
12 hours – $1000

Semi-private Instruction:
2-4 students (must provide own group for multiple-person lessons) 1.5 hours – $125 pp
3 hours – $225 pp
6 hours – $425 pp
12 hours – $800 pp

Kiteboarding Full Equipment Rental
Includes board, kite, bar, & harness. Must be able to ride upwind (as verified by our team) to rent equipment
Daily – $150

Just a Kiteboard Rental
Board only- choose from twin tip or surfboard style
Daily – $25
Weekly special – $100 for 7 days

Kite Foil Lessons and Rentals
Please inquire for Kite Foil pricing

Lesson start time

8:00 am and 11:00 am



Meeting place

We’ll meet you on-site at the spot of your lesson: Waialae Beach Park in Honolulu. Exact details are provided in your lesson confirmation! (Note: we have a few alternate teaching spots based on wind direction, so we’ll be in touch if your location changes)


Typically 3 hours per lesson, although we offer lessons as short as 1.5 hours. Multi-day lesson packs can also be purchased for 6 or 12 hours

Group size

1 to 4 people

Participation requirements

Typically 12 years + (inquire for younger participants) and must know how to swim and be in good health for physical activity. No prior kiteboarding experience required


Lessons include use of all equipment needed for your session

What to bring

Swimwear (board shorts/rash guard suggested), sunblock, sunglasses, water, and anything else that will make you comfortable for an active day at the beach

Free lesson offer

Purchase a new kite and receive 3 hours of free kiteboarding instruction, or purchase a kiteboarding package (kite, bar, harness, board) and receive 6 hours of free instruction! Learn more about our shop

Equipment sales

We are a local dealer for a variety of top kiteboarding brands, including Eleveight Kites and Brunotti boards.

Visit our Shop page or contact us for a personalized recommendation

Download the IKO app!

Download the IKO app for access to training materials, your Virtual IKO Kiteboarder card, and more: Apple Store or Google Play

Kiteboarder Certification

Had lessons with us already? Request your IKO Kiteboarder Certification

What you can expect

Who can learn to kite? Kiteboarding is a great lifetime sport for those of all ages. We have worked with students as young as 9, and as old as 70. At a minimum, all students must be of good health, able to swim, and of a minimum physical size. For students under 12, please contact us to learn more.

We are the only International Kiteboarding Organization Exclusively-Affiliated Center on O‘ahu and we follow the IKO instructional standards, which have been developed through years of experience teaching and studying the sport. The IKO learning program is ideal for students’ quick skills progression, with a continual emphasis on safety. Upon completion of your lesson, you can receive an IKO Kiteboarder Card, certifying the progress you have made. Your Kiteboarder Card is recognized with instructors and schools around the world, serving to validate your ability level and ensure consistent instruction wherever you go.

IKO Kiteboarding Levels
Note: progression times may vary significantly from student to student.

Discovery: Kiteboarder Level 1 (2 hours)(opens in a new tab)
Learn to assess your location, set up your equipment, utilize safety systems, pilot the kite on land, and explore the wind window, and more.

Intermediate: Kiteboarder Level 2 (4 hours)(opens in a new tab)
Learn to enter and exit the water while controlling the kite, body drag with the kite including upwind, body drag while holding the board, attempt a water start with the board, and more.

Independent: Kiteboarder Level 3 (8 hours)(opens in a new tab)
Learn to control your speed by edging, ride upwind, ride toeside, turn, self-launch, and more.

Pro Skills CoachingInquire with us if you are an advanced rider and would like to learn higher-level IKO skills and/or freestyle riding and tricks, wave riding, or kite foiling.

IKO Kiteboarding Resources
We encourage you to download, print, and study these valuable educational resources for kiteboarders.

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